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People have been kind enough to say some nice things about us. Here are a few of them.

School Science Review journal, the Association for Science Education

All of the lessons are clearly explained and well presented. There are excellent sections with interactive tasks Highly recommended.

School Science Review, June 2008

Physics Education journal, the Institute of Physics

Rating: ***** Excellent

This is an excellent product for non subject specialists to brush up on their physics knowledge....This software is highly enriching, current and not at all conventional.

Locate this review of Radioactivity Explained and Electricity Explained

The Times Educational Supplement

Quite simply, this is one of the best physics teaching and learning resources on the market.

Read the review of Electricity Explained in full

From UK secondary school teachers

Have used your 'Electricity Explained' CD extensively this term with year 10 and it is one of the best software packages I have ever used.

Tom Adams, teacher at The Newman School

From US high school teachers

Your Electricity Explained unit has been a big success. The students have worked in pairs and have used it the way they would a textbook, learning as they go. It provokes open discussion among the students, and even great arguments. They love it; it is their world.

Susan Lomanno, teacher at Totino Grace High School, Fridley, MN

From science teacher training tutors

Elaine Wilson, my colleague here in the faculty of Education, passed on a copy of 'Electricity Explained' - student home use version. I used this with my non-science specialist trainee teachers on the KS 2/3 PGCE course and they thought it was brilliant.

Philip Stephenson, University of Cambridge Faculty of Education