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Why Furry?

I remember hearing a radio program about a scheme to encourage people who were blind to visit the zoo and use their sense of touch to learn more about the animals.

One of the visitors wanted to find out about elephants. He'd heard descriptions of them but was intrigued to know what they actually felt like. Afterwards, he told the presenter that it was exactly as he'd expected but the surprising thing was he'd always imagined elephants were covered in fur, like a bear.

He knew lots of things about elephants, but because no one had ever mentioned what their skin was like, he subconsciously filled in the gap with his own ideas. It struck me later that this is exactly how people misunderstand ideas in science. They have their own preconceptions about how the world works but the problem is that they can't distinguish between ideas that they've been taught and ideas that they've worked out for themselves.

So Furry Elephant's products aren't just about telling clear and consistent stories but also explicitly identifying and confronting misconceptions.

Julian Hamm
Founder Furry Elephant