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Subscriptions FAQ

General subscriptions FAQ

Can I buy access to a subject outright?

No. We only offer monthly and annual subscriptions to our products now.

What are the advantages of a subscription service?

For a start, we can offer you our products much more cheaply than when we sold them on CD. The entry level cost for a school for both our physics topics used to be about , which was more than many schools could afford. Now an individual teacher can use them in front of a class for as little as a month, which is a 99% saving!

There's always a risk with investing in expensive software that you end up not using it. A subscription this risk because you only pay a small amount and then only while you keep using it.

You subscribe to a whole subject and we keep developing new topics at no extra cost (the next physics topic will be Forces and Motion Explained) so your subscription gets better and better value as time passes.

Because our content is web-based we can constantly tweak it to make it better for you. There are no updates to download, the website just changes and improves gradually all the time.

Our school owns a Furry Elephant CD. What happens to us?

Obviously your school owns the right to run the CD over your network for as long as you like.

We're also offering every existing customer a one-year free subscription. We've already improved the navigability of the online lessons over the CD and every teacher and student will be able to use them whenever and wherever they like. So there are definite advantages of accessing Furry Elephant online if you want to.

If we haven't contacted you yet, and you want to start using your subscription now, please contact us.

How many different types of subscription are there?

We offer two types of subscription: individual and school.

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Individual subscriptions FAQ

Who can be an individual subscriber?

Individual subscribers may be students, teachers or anyone who's just interested in learning some science.

Can a teacher use an individual subscription to teach a class?

Sure. You can use it however you like, for example with an interactive white board or data projector. The only proviso is that individual subscriptions are only for the named person, not for any other teacher at the same school to use.

How are individual subscriptions billed?

Individual subscriptions are billed automatically from a credit card each month on about the same day as you took out the subscription.

How long do you have to take out an individual subscription for?

You can cancel your subscription whenever you like. As soon as you cancel we won't bill you again and you'll have access until the end of the current month. We don't normally refund partial months but if you think there's some reason why we should then please let us know.

How do you cancel an individual subscription?

Simply send us an email, preferably using the email address you used to register and mentioning your username, to with the word CANCEL in the subject line.

Is there anything you don't get with an individual subscription?

Individual subscribers are only allowed one simultaneous login. As an individual subscriber you won't have access to any downloadable teachers' notes and support materials we may make available.

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School subscriptions FAQ

What's a school subscription?

A school subscription allows every student and teacher in a school to access the subject they're subscribed to wherever and whenever they like, whether they're at home or at school.

Who can take out a school subscription?

A school subscription can be taken out by anyone who has the authority to buy something on behalf of a school, for example a Head of Department, Headteacher or any other budget holder using their email address as a reference.

When do I have to enter the teacher password?

The teacher password is just an extra security measure. If you want to make a change to your subscription then telling us your teacher password helps us make sure it's from an person.

How do teachers log in when their school subscribes?

Teachers log in using the school username and password.

How do students log in when their school subscribes?

Students log in using the school username and password.

How long does a school subscription run for?

School subscriptions run for a year starting from when the subscription was taken out. They are renewed automatically unless you cancel them.

How does billing work for a school subscription?

The subscription works in the same way as a subscription to a periodical or membership of a professional body. All school finance departments have systems for handling these. Typically an for subscriptions is set up and every time a bill is received it has to be re- by the budget-holder before it's paid.

We will send the school finance department a bill every year unless you cancel the subscription.

When are school subscription bills sent out?

If you subscribe in November, say, then you are billed immediately. Your subscription is valid until the following November, whatever happens.

However most schools get their budgets in April, so in April we'll send you a little reminder. It'll ask whether you want to be billed then or whether you'd like to wait until November. We'll send the finance department the actual bill when it suits you but your subscription year still runs, in this example, from November to November.

How soon does a school subscription bill have to be paid?

We'd like to be paid within a few weeks of your receiving the bill. If this isn't possible for some reason, just let us know.

How do you cancel a school subscription?

Just like cancelling an individual subscription, a school subscription can be cancelled whenever you like. The administrator simply has to email with the word CANCEL in the subject line using the email address they signed up with.

If for some reason the administrator's original email address doesn't work any more then just drop us a line explaining what you want to do and we'll sort it out.

Does access stop as soon as I cancel a school subscription?

No. You'll be able to use the service until the end of your subscription period. As soon as you cancel a subscription we'll stop sending you bills. We generally don't refund any time remaining but if you think there's some reason why we should then please let us know.

What happens when a school subscribes to more than one subject?

Subscriptions to different subjects are normally taken out by different Heads of Department with different budgets and often at different times. So when a school subscribes to more than one subject then each subscription is treated completely separately with different usernames, passwords and billing dates.

How quickly will my school subscription be set up?

We'll take a look at the form you submit online and then email you within a few hours to let you know that your school username and password have been enabled. If you need to send us a purchase order we'd like to get it within 10 days, please.

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