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Using Work and Money Explained

Making economic wellbeing lessons more interesting

Work and Money Explained is designed to help teachers deliver more interesting lessons about careers and personal finance.  It's particularly aimed at helping those with no particular specialism in this area.

In an IT room or in front of a class

There's enough there to take a class up to an IT room for an hour for students to work through activities at their own pace and it's also useful for adding variety to a classroom lesson.

All students know that they have to work hard at school to be able to get a well-paid job. These activities should help them put their career and personal finance choices in context.

Choose activities to support your particular teaching plan

Work and Money Explained is not a course, as such, though it covers a spectrum of topics from getting a job to the ups and downs of the property market.

What we hope to do is to allow teachers to pick activities that support the topic that they're covering at the time.

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