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Teaching and learning radioactivity

The order we teach things

These lessons take as their starting point a scheme developed by Professor Robin Millar at the University of York.

The principle is that many students have trouble with atomic theory but that fortunately many of the uses and dangers can be discussed without having to go into any detail of the subatomic origin of nuclear radiation.  MORE

Some common misconceptions about radioactivity

Radioactivity is not something that students often come across in their everyday lives (or at least, not knowingly) so there are fewer misconceptions than in other areas of physics.

However there are some important misconceptions that's it's worth being able to identify.  MORE

Some key ideas that it's important to grasp

There are a few key ideas that really help you understand electricity.

If you can pick them up then the whole subject becomes much easier.  MORE

The language we use when we talk about radioactivity

Radioactivity uses a certain amount of technical language.

This can cause problems for students and teachers alike.  MORE

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