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PSHE subscription prices

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About PSHE Subscriptions

Individual subscription

An individual subscription gives you access to all our animated content for PSHE wherever you are.

Your subscription is paid automatically by credit card every month. There's no minimum period and you can unsubscribe whenever you like by simply emailing with CANCEL in the subject line.

If you're a teacher, you can use PSHE in front of a class.

We can't accept credit card payments in Australian Dollars at the moment but you can sign up for just £4.95 a month. [Other currencies: USD EUR]

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[Subscriptions FAQ]

School subscription

A school subscription lets every student and teacher access all our interactive animated content for PSHE at school or at home. You choose a single username and password that everyone uses.

We invoice your school annually, just like a subscription to a periodical.

Subscribe your school to PSHE for just A$99 a year. [Other currencies: USD GBP EUR CAD NZD ZAR]

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[Subscriptions FAQ]